Web Development Services - Evolution, Features, and Future

Web development services encapsulate different kinds of activities all targeted towards the development of a web application or a website. These services range from web designing and development to web hosting and maintenance, e-commerce, content management, Search Engine Optimization etc. Web development services have improved and made our lifestyle easier in several ways through convenient online travel/movie ticketing, entertainment, banking, bill processing, shopping and even gambling.


The requirement of a web interface during the evolution of the internet led the technical specialists to think and come up with a new structure of code that would support the World Wide Web. Thus, were born the Mark Up languages back in the early nineties. However, the early mark up languages weren’t as easy to code and definitely did not seem very useful for developing high end web applications. Gradually the languages were improvised upon to get the current framework of programming languages that support a host of high end web applications. To this, the open source and free languages have made a worthwhile contribution and made web development services affordable for all classes of clients and users.


A web solutions provider normally provides a host of these services as follows –

  • Website Development – These services are offered to businesses or individuals who want a website for marketing their products and services online or just for the online audience to get to know about them.
  • Online Banking – Banking applications are created for the customers of banks to help them in performing online transaction without actually having to present themselves in the bank in person. This makes the processing job easier for both the bank and the customers and also saves a great deal of time for both the parties.
  • E commerce Development – The ecommerce feature is implemented in online websites for giving the customers a virtual shopping experience, allowing them to browse through the products and services offered by the online store, place order for them and get them shipped to their doorstep. Some just sites also offer bidding and selling options to the clients.
  • Content Management – These services ensure that the website is updated with the latest news and information on the company and its offerings. News and e-learning portals are a good example of such sites.
  • SEO Services – These services are offered to ensure a better ranking of the website in the search engine listings.


A well known survey has already revealed that of the million enquires that are brought in by the web developers, a major chunk of such enquires are turned into profitable online business. Thus, it is clear that web development services will keep profiting as the population of internet users keeps on getting larger every day.

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