Evaluating Your Small Business Social Media Presence Using Qualitative and Quantitative Methods

According to hardcore amounts, numerical tools are normally very analytical. They are mostly automated using PHP and other different scripts to get data and perform analyses that result in summary charts, statistics, and graphs.

There are various quantitative tools for Twitter evaluation such as Twitter Grader, Clout, and Tweet Status, Facebook evaluation and other quantitative evaluators like Blog grader, YouTube insights and Bit.ly. Qualitative evaluation of Social Media Presence involves Aesthetics, interestingness of content, and quality of engagement.

TwitterGrader tool is developed by the leaders of internet marketing, Hubspot. It uses ratio of followers / following, total number of tweets, tweets per day, and total number of followers for their 0 to 100 ranking as primary metrics. Klout tool includes many Social Media platforms like Google+, Facebook, etc. It attempts to examine three diverse quantitative metrics like Amplification, Reach and Network. Tweetstats uses Twitter API (Application Programming Interface) to extract data related to time of days, number of followers, and day of week that tweets were posted. This data is beneficial to make certain that posting schedules of marketing policy are followed and follower growth is advancing.

Facebook provides numerical data as much as possible via insights and their API. Insights provide “insights” into how many comments your fans make on the pieces of content, how many users see your status updates, and how many likes your page has. Post content that receives more interaction.

Blog grader analyzes blog spots by counting the number of links, words and images. YouTube insights keep track of video views and subscribers. Bit.ly URLs shorteners are common throughout Social Media. This tool has the added bonus of high-level analytics and allows you to track the number of people clicking on your links.

Qualitative Social Media analysis involves Aesthetics. From YouTube and Twitter skins to Facebook custom content and profile pictures, the colour schemes and graphics, your small business selects to use online to make a powerful statement on your brand. Each one from your targeted audience judge your entire company based on the colours, logos and graphics. So keep it professional, coordinated and interesting. Interestingness of content is difficult to measure since your target audience interacts with the content that you share on Social Media platforms. So provide useful and tasteful content to the audience. Quality of engagement features participation, involvement, passion, and commitment.

Putting all together both quantitative and qualitative methods are needed for the evaluation of Social Media Presence. The numerical tools are plentiful and can provide guidance on how big your following is and what content works well.

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