Small Business Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing is a great way to get your organization noticed online. If you own a small business, search engine marketing should be one of the top things to consider for finding new clients and customers.

A professionally managed small business search engine marketing campaign by sbzone allows your organization to reach wide segments at a fraction of traditional marketing cost. Our Google Certified Adwords team will research the right keywords that will get your ad to show up where your customers are searching. Specific keywords, selected by sbzone’s Google Certified Adwords professionals, will help to grow the online presence of your small business.

With the internet rapidly becoming the number one destination for product research and purchasing, having an online presence is no longer optional. PPC can gain your small business immediate visibility online, allowing you access to leads and new sources of business. A small business PPC campaign run by our professional Google Certified Adwords team will get the business ad displayed to targeted audience, increase your web site online visibility and enhance ROI. We also run Geo-Targeted PPC campaign for small business to have their ads showing up in specific locations that count, which includes cities, counties or countries.

PPC, pay-per-click campaigns, are new ways of advertising your products and services online.

Search engines such as Google, as well as social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn, allow users to buy “real estate” on their web sites for the purpose of displaying advertisements which are triggered by keywords that advertisers select.

Ads that are displayed but not clicked do not cost anything

Ads that are clicked will cost the advertiser an amount that is determined, in part, by how many others are bidding on that particular keyword.

Sbzone’s PPC team will generate new leads by targeting customers who have specified an interest in your products and services, making your PPC campaign a success.


  • Spending on Search Engine Marketing advertising jumped from $4.09 billion in 2004 to $16.6 billion in 2010
  • Online Advertising is projected to grow to $40.5 billion in 2014
  • Use Geo-Targeted Marketing for in-depth local reach in real time
  • More cost-effective and efficient compared to off-line marketing
  • Features
  • Success
  • Benefits
i Meet your Goals
  Design campaign strategies based on the specific goals of your campaign
i The Right Price for your Keywords
  Utilize advanced keyword bidding strategies to get you the lowest possible cost-per-click
i Get the Right Customers
  Target only the specific regions that are relevant to your business
i Customize your Presence
  Build customized landing pages tailored to your ads, increasing the likelihood of lead capture
i Get Results Fast
  Target customers much quicker with a PPC campaign than a SEO campaign

Unlike SEO, which could take up to 6 months to see results, PPC will bring you results on page one instantly. PPC ads will show up based on specific keywords chosen by our Google Certified Adwords Specialists. This means that by choosing the right keywords related to your business and location, your ads will show up to people that may not have previously seen your website and information, bringing in new business and revenue to your organization.

Sbzone has set up and run several successful PPC campaigns, helping our clients to bring in new business and revenue to their organization. With sbzone, you get a Google Certified Adwords Specialist running your campaign, someone that understands the process of running a successful PPC campaign, including selecting the right keywords and bidding on those keywords.

Other companies offer PPC programs, but aren’t as dedicated to your organization’s campaign as sbzone. While they offer an automated system to track your campaign, we give you a campaign managed and, most importantly, monitored by trained professionals. Having an actual person manage your campaign gives you that added benefit of knowing you’ll get the results you pay for. Our fees are very straight forward, with a one-time set up, as well as our team managing your PPC budget to get you a great price on top keywords.




i Unlike SEO, your Geo-Targeted PPC campaign will bring you results to page one instantly.
i Geo-Targeted PPC campaigns can be run locally based on the zip codes that your organization services, or even expand regionally, nationally or internationally depending on where your business comes from.
i A professionally managed campaign by sbzone allows your organization to reach wide segments at a fraction of traditional marketing cost.
i With a Geo-Targetd PPC campaign, your organization gets a Measurable Return on Investment so you know what you’re getting from your campaign.
i Our Google Certified Adwords team will research the right keywords that will get your ad to show up where your customers are searching.
i We make sure that your PPC budget is spent wisely, getting the best bids for your keywords