Is e-mail marketing still king of the Internet?

With the entire world moving towards online interactions and activities, e-mail marketing is but an obvious investment but those who’ve been there and done that have begun questioning the effectiveness of e-mail marketing. The one question that is commonly asked now is, “Is e-mail marketing still king of the Internet?” But before answering this question, a quick insight into what e-mail marketing really is.

Put simply, e-mail marketing is using e-mails to promote all forms of marketing communication or messages. So right from advertisements, to invites for fund raisers, to newsletters anything that conveys a company or business’ marketing message is converted into an electronic format and sent via e-mails. Also, e-mailing is an extremely inexpensive way of reaching hundreds of people within a couple of clicks and that too across the globe. Therefore, given how popular, inexpensive and popular e-mailing is and how critical online communication systems are to both, individuals and organisations, only few would reckon e-mail marketing would lose steam. But since there’s an upside to it, there certainly is a downside to it too and it is this downside that gets people questioning about e-mail marketing being the king of the Internet.

Now the good news is that this downside is primarily because of human exploitation! It’s how marketers misuse this form of marketing communication that gives it a bad name. Here’s what goes wrong and correctly just these anomalies will mean returning e-mail marketing its online throne!

  • Bombarding a person with too many messages such that he or she starts treating your e-mails as spam. The frequency of e-mail should match an individual’s Internet usage. For instance, someone who is online 24/7 will feel hounded if your e-mails get to him on a daily basis
  • Focusing more on what you want to say in your message rather than on what your customer or potential customers want to hear about your company or your product/services. E-mail marketing should be about relationship building
  • Not integrating it with other marketing efforts. What goes online should be in tandem with other marketing messages and efforts
  • Not investing in the right e-mail marketing software, Internet connections and other peripherals. Of course, the initial investment, as in other cases too, is substantial, once done e-mail marketing is the cheapest from of promotions

For a start, doing all of the above is sufficient to ensure healthy returns on e-mail marketing campaigns. Of course, there will be sceptics who will continue wondering about e-mail marketing’s worth but let not the doubts of few shackle you!

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