Email Marketing Campaigns - Robots, Humans and Shoes Slashed Whilst Lions Roared

Email Marketing Campaign provides a great way for marketers to reach their marketing goals. A successful Email Marketing Campaign can bring tremendous return on investment (ROI) for you as compared with promotional and traditional advertising means. Two significant issues are to be addressed when you are designing an Email Marketing Campaign. The first one is to make certain that Email Marketing Campaign is delivered and the other issue is convincing the recipients of Email Marketing Campaign to open and read the received Emails.

Email Marketing Campaign-Robots

Email Marketing is still alive and well despite the scare headlines of its death. Email Marketing Campaigns are fighting a battle with their enemies, the filterbots. These are the robots which are trained poorly that filter out rightful correspondence and marketing Emails from your relatives but persistently delivers immense amounts of rubbish right into your inbox. The filterbots seem to be unable to distinguish the difference between Email from a contact in your address book and junk Email Marketing Campaign. It is not possible to fight the bots since they do not leave any evidence as they engulf every bit of your mail they steal. Therefore, you must weave invisibility cloak for your Email Marketing Campaigns.

Email Marketing Campaign-Humans

With the knowledge of the filterbots’ weakness for some fodder, you can make certain that your Email Marketing Campaign does not contain tempting words that would turn your Email Marketing Campaign into a series of delicious bot snacks. With regard to the legally prohibited word list, you require to think of the human beings who receive your Email and create Email subject lines that will make you read every Email. There are certain things you must do and the things to certainly avoid. Your Email line should stand out, closely relate to the body of your message, engage the interest of recipients and should not look like hype.

Email Marketing Campaign- Shoes Slashed Whilst Lions Roared

“Shoes Slashed Whilst Lions Roared” is all time favourite Email subject line. It has all the factors: it engages the interest of recipients, the words in the title stand out exceptionally good, closely relates the message body and it does not look like hype. Shoes Slashed relates to the reduced price on the footwear. This Email subject line carried details of greater offers on the English Lions Rugby Shirts and footwear that were obviously a roaring success. This dramatic subject line is directly relevant to the body of your message and do not look like hype.

The initial mail in your Email Marketing Campaign is the most important so should be carefully crafted from the aspects of both engaging human interest and bot proofing.

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