The Difference Between Web Design and Web App Design

When you look at a website, there are various components that are woven in before it becomes the seamless experience that you have. When you look at any website, it may actually appear to be a simple experience to you, when in fact, it is a string of numerous processes that have gone to make this experience possible.

There are two components which are involved in web structure. These include web design and web application design. While the web design shows you all the things that you want to see – which include the layout, the graphics and the images that appear, the web application design shows you other software which is required to support it.

There are numerous processes which need to be woven together for a website to be a while experience. This would include linking pages, embedding text and images and drawing up programs that can connect and link. This is all a part of web application design.

Web design is a little simpler in that it takes care of all the things that are visible to us. The software that is used for this is widely available, and also fairly popular. And while web design can do wonders in drawing people to the site and showing them around, it is only through the web application design that you can really navigate through the site and also find ways to communicate with the company.

There are different areas of specialization required to handle both web design and web application design. Special courses can enable you to gain proficiency in either, and also master the technique well. However, it is only after you have put into practice what you have learnt and start taking on assignments that the learning starts to begin.

When you talk about web design, the complexity that is brought about can only be assisted with the help of web application design. And when you look at web application design closely, you will find that it has no real meaning unless there is a basic web design behind it. The two, therefore, cannot exist without one another, and really complement each other.

It is hard to say which is more important or merits more attention, but you can be certain that when both are employed optimally, the result is an experience which is very pleasurable. And while you may just sit back and enjoy surfing through your favourite site effortlessly, you should know that it took a lot to bring it all together for you.

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